The phenomenon discussed in Totality and Infinity by Emmanuel Levinas discusses the mathematical concept of a function being total vs. partial. What is my function? Am I partial, or complete?
Sumter, South Carolina- August 2017- Totality. A life changing moment that inspired me to think about my story and my legacy. How will I be measured? What impact have I made, professionally and personally, in this world thus far? I asked myself philosophically and spiritually, how will I know that my life’s work has been completed? The lack of an answer ignited my entrepreneurial spirit, which gave birth to TOTALITY LEARNING CONSULTANTS, LLC. I AM THAT I AM (EXODUS 3:14)… PASSIONATE about People, Knowledge, Inclusion, Transformation, and Making a Difference. My business is to provide my clients with the best curation of talent and tools leveraging my consulting & strategic thinking skills, energy, passion, diverse resources and global relationships that I have made through my strategic business partners (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT ME).